So What Do You Do?

This is perhaps the most tongue tying question I am asked.  I still cannot answer this question within a socially acceptable period of time despite my best efforts, edits and practice!  Trying to categorize myself is challenging because I cannot separate who I am with what I do.  So lets ask a different question, "Who are you?".  

I am creative. 

Rachel D Winner

Rachel D Winner

As an artist I don't have a preferred medium, I have a preferred topic. That topic has been trees for the better part of 8 years now.  I work with whatever materials I can to make my ideas based on this theme come to life.  

These materials include:  graphite, graphite watercolor, charcoal, charcoal watercolor, pen & ink, sumi ink, alcohol ink, alcohol markers, oil paint, oil markers, oil pastels, acrylic paint, acrylic markers, watercolor, watercolor pencils, colored pencils, and digital. 

I put my marks on many types of media including: handmade paper, watercolor paper, rice paper, canvas, wood, yupo paper, vellum, bristol...and in a pinch whatever is around...brown paper bags, napkins, table coverings, concrete!

I also work within several art forms including: fiber arts, woven arts, wood arts, photography, digital illustration, pyrography, leather, clothing, landscape, and writing.



As a whole I am a tinkerer with a strong belief in "if there is a will, there is a way."  I am driven as a self learning and constantly work hard to improve and add skills.

That being said I have also benefitted from a traditional education. 

With a minor in Art from the University of Delaware, I spent long days and nights in the recently lost art of film photography as well as sketching.  U of D gave me a strong foundation in the fundamentals of photography, composition, design and fostered my talent. 

I became an accredited photographer in 2008 with the Professional Photographers of America.  A feat only 2% of "professional" photographers accomplish.  

Shortly thereafter, I made my living with portrait photography of all kinds. Maternity, newborn, child, family, seniors, and even the occasional boudoir.  

There is nothing like a 3 day photo shoot with over 200 kiddos to sharpen your skills! Or a newborn session with a 6 day old infant!

My fine art education is a constant emersion in trying.  I am always trying new things, new medium, new media and developing my style and skills.