Art is never wrong. 

You may not find it pleasing to the eye, you might not understand it. 

You may even hate it for the message it makes, but it is never wrong.

Art is a person's point of view about this world and their life in that moment they made it. 

It is a physical, tangible, tactile thought or series of emotions from a person you never met. Can you say that you are qualified to judge that?       

Whole institutions critique technique,

but if you only listen to reviews you only see the art from the critic's point of view.   

If you stand before it with an open hand, unpolluted by the motives of others, that will art will reach out and greet you. 

It will meet you at your place in time in the span of your life line and you will realize

that you are the only one qualified to make up your mind. 

For just as a parent that reads 'The Giving Tree' to their child for the first time... you used to be that boy swinging in the tree. 

In lifetime of random choices put you in that night that you read that book to your child,

you suddenly understand you are now the tree. Willing to give every part of yourself away to that child even if it leaves you as a stump. 

See...that's why art is never wrong.  You just might not have met it at the right time.