Life.  Reclaimed.


Rachel Winner is a local McKinney, Texas artist that is self-described as, “A tree-hugging badass, woodworking wackadoodle, single momma of one.” 

She is currently reclaiming the lumber from Historic Downtown McKinney homes while fighting an incurable, degenerative, arthritic, auto-immune disease called, Ankylosing Spondylitis. 

Rachel has been a creative mind since she was very young.  She had her start in her grandfather’s Michigan basement workshop.  Her artistic talents were developed and fostered throughout high school and college.  

She had an extensive career as a professional photographer and her work is on display in homes throughout the country.  The non-profit Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep used images she created as a volunteer photographer for grieving families in their international informational campaign in 2008. 

As her disease progressed, Rachel put down her camera and picked up her brushes.  Her paintings, illustrations and mixed-media pieces have been purchased throughout the country. 

After an unexpected domestic restructuring in 2016, Rachel and her son moved to the Historic Downtown McKinney District.  Within months, Rachel was completely fascinated and obsessed with the lumber and history being removed from the historic homes  She began dumpster diving with permission and took the 200 year old lumber back to her studio.  

The studio quickly transformed into a full blown wood-shop in order to keep up with her ideas.  

Somewhere along the line as she was reclaiming the wood, Rachel also reclaimed her life for herself and the world is starting to take notice.  

Rachel’s fine woodworking creations have been featured by the tool manufacturers Ryobi, Rigid, Saburrtooth, and several top professionals in the industry. She was also a featured by Woodworking 101 Podcast.

Most recently, Rachel has been approached by a film company to participate in a documentary featuring her life story, her unrelenting grit, and determination to overcome the limitations and complications of her disease and challenges in life. 

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Rachel Winner
Fine Woodworking Artist

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