Behind the scenes supporters that have made my artistic vision possible.


Wood Donors

None of these creations would be possible without the generous wood donors.  Thank you so much for supporting and encouraging my artistic vision. 


Southern Yellow Pine

Kerry Randall-Johnston

901 Oak Street Contractors

1300 Byrne St Owner

Anthony Nagid


Joshua Schrock

Heidi Lamesky

Nick Dennet



This is a tough list to make.  If you see a company or product here?  It means I have worked with and used the product personally and approve. 


Walrus Oil

Food safe, premium oil finish (does not contain Walrus)




Groom & Son's Ace Hardware

My foster grandfathers work here providing me advice, help and humility.  Best damn little hardware store left in McKinney.  



People all along the way that have shown me encouragement or kindness to pursue my craft.  Thank you so much for every word and deed.