Preserving history and reclaiming lumber


McKinney homes contain the last of Old Heart Southern Yellow Pine lumber.  This lumber is considered extinct by the National Forestry Service as there are only 3% of these trees left in the United States and it is no longer allowed to be commercially harvested.  It is my mission to salvage as much of this lumber as possible, research and preserve the history of the homes it was salvaged from, and create new fine woodworking art pieces from the lumber so that it's beauty and history is preserved. 



Historical and older homes are treasures in our communities.  As these homes are restored to their former glory, incredible lumber and the history of these homes are discarded straight into dumpsters bound for landfills.  It is my mission to reclaim, re-purpose and preserve the lumber and history of historic homes.  

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Lumber. Reclaimed. 

Reclaiming lumber from historic homes is a labor of love bordering on insanity.   It takes at minimum a hundred work hours to per load to get the wood back to a workable state that I then can use for fine woodworking art pieces.  

Hand forged nails by the thousands, lead paint, insect damage, water damage, are just a few of the joys encountered in the reclaiming process.   

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Fine Woodworking. 


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History. Reclaimed. 

Each piece I create has an incredible story to share.  Here you can find the history connected to the lumber I have reclaimed, learn about the lumber industry's practices and methods as well as the history of the regions of the country the lumber was originally sourced. 

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