FOUND! Judge R.L. Waddill's Correspondence to Governor E.M. Pease

I just cannot stop researching the history connected to the wood I am using.  I have found the actually handwriting of Judge R.L. Waddill!  The wood I am working with was salvaged from his home that was built in 1855. 

This letter is a part of the collection entitled: Niles-Graham-Pease Papers provided by Austin History Center, Austin Public Library to The Portal to Texas History that is hosted by the UNT Libraries. 

This is a letter to Governor E.M. Pease from R.L. Waddill regarding murder indictments for several men not in custody—he suggests that a reward should be offered for the men—and accompanying indictments.

Correspondence to Governor EM Pease from RL Waddill.jpg