Saburrtooth, The Best Investment I Have Made In A Tool

Saburrtooth 1/4” shank cylinder radius end 1” (extra coarse grit)

Saburrtooth 1/4” shank cylinder radius end 1” (extra coarse grit)

My short list of reasons why I am obsessed with Saburrtooth:

Arthritis is a bit#@h!

Despite my age and sass…I have arthritis. More specifically, Ankylosing Spondylitis (yeah I know its a mouthful! Say it like this…ANKLE-LOW-SING SPOND-ILL-LIGHT-TIS) autoimmune arthritis. Traditional hand-carving with chisels, gouges and the like is just not a possibility for my hands. I need power tool options that can melt wood like butter to be able to create my carved woodworking.

Old trees, Old lumber…Holy Arbor Stone of Sap!

Back in the day (as these pictures show), lumber was made from very old, massive trees and slowly air dried over several years. In short this reclaimed lumber I work with, is extremely dense with grow rings tightly packed with an average of 11-15 rings per inch. Since the lumber was not heat treated, it still contains sap pockets and resin throughout each board.

I don’t think I have to describe how amazing @saburrtooth burrs are but I will.  I work with reclaimed long-leaf yellow pine lumber that was milled in 1830.  Air dried with sap and resin. Almost 200 years later it is well on its way to turning into stone.  The sap and resin pockets destroy every other brand of burr or sanding I have tried.  Not @saburrtooth!  If the burr ever does get clogged, all I have to do is use a propane torch to burn off the resin and sawdust...right back to work.  I’ve used this same burr for 2 years now and it still melts the wood like butter.  Best tool investment I have ever made.  I also have their angle grinder disk and multiple smaller burrs for my dremel.  Made in the USA, in Michigan about an hours drive from my passed grandfather’s home where I learned how to woodwork. Love these tools and this company!!
— Rachel Winner (not paid to brag about them)

Attempting to carve such density generates a shocking amount of heat which then turns the sap/resin into a hot sticky mess. The heat warps, bends, and dulls every type of bit and burr found in big box stores. What doesn’t warp, bend or dull is also destroyed by the transfer of the resin.

I went through sand paper and burrs so fast that I bought out the two big box stores and my local local Ace Hardware store in McKinney. I eventually just made weekly purchase orders through Groom & Sons Ace Hardware!

Then through the powers of the universe, I saw a Youtube video of a guy using an angle grinder to carve a guitar using….SABURRTOOTH! The “shut up and take my money” moment came when the man demonstrated that you could use a propane torch to burn off any sawdust or resin and keep on trucking. I remember hearing angels sing! I found the answer to all of my cursing.

They made them…too well?

I have been ABUSING these burrs for over two years now and I have yet to have to replace one. Today’s profit driven business culture focuses on cheaply made, disposable products that you have to keep buying. Saburrtooth, in my unprofessional opinion that doesn’t really count, embraces the business model of the past that we all crave…products designed to last decades if not a lifetime. You invest in the tool once and you know you can count on it day after day, month after month, year after year.

My initial thoughts was that they were a little pricey but if they did what I saw on the video, then I wanted a complete set. Now? I feel like Saburrtooth should charge three times as much as they do because you will never have to replace one of their burrs unless you have done something spectacularly unsafe to break the teeth. (Like accidentally hitting a metal surface with them. I have done it…you won’t make the mistake twice. Even then the burr was still usable!) I have often been worried about how the company can stay in business when you don’t have to make repeat purchases!!! The answer is that because they make such durable, high quality, long lasting tools if you ever do need a different shape of burr you will go straight to them!

Saburrtooth is a Michigan based company, which in my highly bias opinion is a region of the country that pride themselves in making products designed to last. Michigan and Ohio are the lands of my people and I was born in Ohio, so yes I am proudly biased that a company based in Michigan would choose the proud “Made in the U.S.A.” high quality product business model.

Common sense and safety first!

Saburrtooth is also a company that trusts their customers. They trust that we have brains in our heads, skills in our hands and respect in our hearts. These are highly aggressive burrs and products designed to remove wood quickly! Which is exactly why I love them so much. I can shape, debulk, and carve the hardest of wood quickly and effortlessly. It takes guts to made such an aggressive product in this day and age of lawsuits, so a huge thank you to Saburrtooth for trusting us.

Even under ideal conditions with all safety measures taken these products can and will BITE YOU! Because these burrs are made to dig into the wood, they can generate high amounts of torque that can and will pull the wood or the tool in unanticipated directions. Go slow, don’t get greedy and try to remove too much too fast, and keep bandaids handy.