Tree Glitter Tuesday!

Trench bowls are made by scoping out the insides like a pumpkin. Sounds simple but in reality it can be quite a challenge. Woodcarvers achieve this by using chisels by making repeated gouges until the desired depth and shape is achieved. That is simply not humanly possible for me to do with my reclaimed southern yellow long leaf pine that was mulled over 200 years ago and is well on its way to becoming stone!

My special sauce is to de-bulk the main channel in the middle with a Ryobi router and then complete the final shape using a Saburrtooth grinding bit on my drill press. If you do deduce to try my method please use extreme care and caution while using the Saburrtooth bit!!! Always wear gloves and still expect to be missing some skin and or be bruised before your project is over!

Let the Tree glitter fly when I debulk a trench bowl using Ryobi's router.

Saburrtooth, The Best Investment I Have Made In A Tool

Saburrtooth, The Best Investment I Have Made In A Tool

I don’t think I have to describe how amazing @saburrtooth burrs are but I will.  I work with reclaimed long-leaf yellow pine lumber that was milled in 1830.  Air dried with sap and resin. Almost 200 years later it is well on its way to turning into stone.  The sap and resin pockets destroy every other brand of burr or sanding I have tried.  Not @saburrtooth!  If the burr ever does get clogged, all I have to do is use a propane torch to burn off the resin and sawdust...right back to work.  I’ve used this same burr for 2 years now and it still melts the wood like butter.  Best tool investment I have ever made.  I also have their angle grinder disk and multiple smaller burrs for my dremel.  Made in the USA, in Michigan about an hours drive from my passed grandfather’s home where I learned how to woodwork. Love these tools and this company!!

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