Walrus Oil Strikes Again!

Thanks so much for the shout out on Woman's Day! 


After grinding exclusively in the woodworking industry for the past year I have to honestly say that I have been accepted more into this male dominated industry than other male dominated industries.   

 I have truly appreciated all of the working relationships I have established so quickly and the acceptance of my perspective on the craft. 



Walrus Oil Shoutout

It is my only hope in life that my art pieces are only ever conditioned by Walrus Oil.  No, it is not made from Walrus. They just like the animal. 

 After so many trials and fails with too many other products I finally found an oil that doesn't blow out the color of my boards and conditions them beautifully.  

 Thanks for the Brickhouse shout out today guys!  I will be laughing about this one for awhile!