ArtGraf Watercolor Graphite

ArtGraf watercolor graphite in progress

ArtGraf watercolor graphite in progress

I have been looking for very stylized mediums that I can develop my esthetic alongside with and this watercolor graphite fits exactly into my obsession with black and white.  

I am completely in love only thirty mi using ArtGraf Watercolor Graphite    It is so smooth and ranges from translucent to opaque.  When it dries it gives a beautiful metallic sparkle, not cheap glitz nor distracting.     

When it dries it can be erased with some effort.  My concern with this is that the force it takes to erase it compromises the surface of the paper.  So unless it's something I just can't live with I am not going to be erasing much at all. 

I cant can't wait to combine it with Prismacolor markers that pop!  I think the challenge that I will run into there is that the alcohol based Prismacolors markers pick up graphite and move it.  Keep you posted!