I never thought I was a "good drawer" until Mr. Foltz became my freshman art teacher.  My grade school teacher definitely had her favorites and I was not one of them.  Mr. Foltz was the first person to give me the courage to tap into my creative fire and we were both blown away by what I began to create.   

Mrs. Williams was my next art teacher and with her amazing teaching skills, encouragement and work exploded.  That and I fell in love for the first time.  It was the perfect combination of emotion, encouragement and education.  I learned I could do would take another 14 years before I trusted that I could do it no matter how I was feeling. 



I made established at the tender age of 17 dreaming of when I would have a family of my own.  I couldn't wait to be 'Established', on my own, living the dream.    

I would work on it during math class and distinctly remembering my Algebra II teacher mid-lecture, marching up to my desk to see what I was doing.  I looked up, her jaw dropped, she blinked a couple of times, stumbled over her words, smiled at me and went back to the front of the room without a word.  She knew I would not be using math in my future.   

It won first prize at the Wicomico County Fair that year.  



Chevy Man was created in 1996 during my ART II class in high school.  I believe the assignment was to combine different reference images into one piece.  I have always felt that it is completely unfinished and was upset that I ran out of "time to complete it" during class.  I did get an A+ but I wish I could have finished.  

I have often though of returning to it to complete the field and sky but I don't want to take away from what I was able to do at at 17 with what I can do now.