Reclaiming Historic Lumber's Beauty

The unique beauty of reclaimed lumber cannot be denied.  It's richness is enhanced by harvesting practices long ago discarded for efficiency.  I work exclusively with historic lumber that has never been kiln dried.  Lumber that is air dried still contains sap which gives the lumber rich color and fragrance.  Lumber that still contains sap also retains pockets of sap resin jewels which I turn into focal points of beauty and wonder.  


Resin Beauty

Naturally occurring pockets of resin are only found in wood that is not kiln dried.  Kiln drying is a modern lumber harvesting practice that removes wood of moisture and sap.  When wood is air dried such as this lumber, beautiful naturally occurring designs, color and fragrance remains.   

Waddill Morris Home

This home and several buildings were built in 1855 This lumber was salvaged from the carriage house.